Newsletters, Annual General Meeting and Project Repair Update

Repair Project Update (PDF file opens in new window)

  • Repair Project Update-07 -  May 2022  (early May 2022)
  • Repair Project Update-06 -  Mar 2022  (end of  March 2022)
  • Repair Project Update-05 -  Jan 2022  (end of January 2022)
  • Repair Project Update-04 -  Dec 2021 (Christmas Break 2021)
  • Repair Project Update-03 -  Dec 2021
  • Repair Project Update-02 -  Nov 2021
  • Repair Project Update-01 -  Sep 2021
  • Also see Furnace Repair Project in Pictures, following completion of the project (PDF file opens in new window)

    Newsletters (PDF files open in new window)

    Annual General Meeting

    The Fernhurst Furnace Preservation Group Limited.
    Company no:5795146

    The Annual General Meeting 2022

      The Fifteenth Annual General Meeting was held in Furnace Field, Vann Road, Fernhurst, GU27 3NJ
    on 6th August at 2.30pm
    See Agenda for AGM 2022

    Following the meeting there was a tour of the completed Furnace Repair Project.